cürBAR is probably one of the prettiest mani+pedi places I’ve been to and the owner Nina (born and raised from San Diego) had a clear vision of what she wanted before she opened a couple months ago in Del Sur Town Center. Just by the photos below, you can get an idea of how beautiful her nail salon is. When I sat down and talked with Nina about her background and how she ended up starting her own business, I jot down some notes and wrote a little blurb (see below). It will give you some insight on how she wants cürBAR to really stand out from the rest!

How do you go from hating nail salons to owning one yourself?

The answer for Nina, owner of cürBAR, was simple- “To change the industry!”

And that’s what she did by opening her first location this past April.

“I took the small things and made them a BIG deal!”

This meant transforming a nail salon into a home where the smell of polish is barely noticeable, the décor is like something you would see in a model home and the play area for kids is filled with puzzles and chalkboards.

There are hardcover books to get lost in and the assortment of magazines goes beyond celebrity tabloids. Go ahead and enjoy perusing through the pages of TIME, Inc., and Architectural Digest.

For someone who has a background in finance and real estate, using every single penny of her savings to open up cürBAR was a bold move nonetheless.

“I love having beautiful manicures and pedicures but I always dreaded the place and process. It didn’t matter if it was cheap or expensive. My gripes were always the same but the solution was so obvious and simple.”

No cash for tip? No problem. There’s a tip line on your bill.

Want the same quality mani and pedi without being upsold? Heck yes!

For the men- how about leather armchairs and flat screens? Done.

And this is the worst. You forgot your open-toed shoes and still have tons of errands to run after your pedicure. Shop for a pair of Havaianas in house. Genius!

Most important for this OCD germaphobe was cleanliness. Nina’s solution was to invest in an autoclave sterilizer for all their tools- “If hospitals and dentists use them, we should too!”

There you have it- an entirely new experience in nail care started by a woman who once hated it and now lives and breathes it!