mani.   25

pedi.   35

gel mani.   45

gel pedi.   55



mani.   25

pedi.   30



for both.

cür mani. 45

mani. scrub. hot stone massage. hot towel wrap.parrafin

CÜR pedi. 65

pedi. scrub. callus treatment. hot stone massage. paraffin hot towel wrap.


little ones.

kid's mani.   20

kid's pedi.   25


                                            other things.

     adult designs $10+. kid designs $5+. callus softener $10. paraffin wax $10 .acrylic removal $20. 

                                                  additional 10-minute foot massage. $10+

we host parties!

Package A:
$500 minimum per hour (does not include gratuity)

Have the entire salon to your party for the hour

Bring any kind of food, decorations, and drinks that you want! We provide the table and venue

Have a personalized message like “ Happy 10th Birthday Abby!” written on the wall

Customize the music for your party

Can arrive 15 minutes before your party to set up, we will have staff to help!

Package B:

4 people+ will be considered a party

You can bring in drinks only, if you’d like to bring in food or decorations Package A will be option for you

Other patrons will be in the salon at the same time

Can arrive 15 minutes before your party to chill drinks and pick your colors!

A credit card on file is required to book all parties. We have a 72 hour cancellation policy for all parties. Any changes, cancellations, or no-shows not made by directly speaking with our staff over the phone during business hours within 72 hours of the party date will result in the FULL charge of the party on the date of the event. E-mails and voicemails will not be accepted for making changes or canceling events.